KORG Software WAVESTATION v2.3.1 Mac [MORiA]

Reborn through software Wave Sequence Synthesizer WAVESTATION Released in 1990, the WAVESTATION is a synthesizer with an advanced vector synthesis system that could create new sounds by combining and connecting multiple waveforms. Using unique features such as using a joystick to mix and morph four oscillators, a wave sequence function that could arrange waveforms in sequences to form rhythm or melody sequences patterns, it continues to be a legendary and irreplaceable instrument to this day.
The KORG Collection WAVESTATION V2 is an upgrade of the WAVESTATION software from 2004 and has been refined for modern production environments. We added the much requested high-resolution and scalable interface. The preset sounds include all 1,500 programs, including those from the expansion ROM cards, giving the famous WAVESTATION sounds through the latest software as a plug-in.

* A complete reproduction of the advanced vector synthesis system.
* High-resolution interface for Retina and 4K.
* 1,500 programs, more than 700 waveforms.
* Features a new sound browser for quickly searching by instrument/character.
* A powerful random sequence engine.
* A free upgrade for owners of the previous KORG Collection WAVESTATION.

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