Yummy Tunes – Progressive Movement by Sphera

When I think Sphera, I think crystal clear percussive grooves, massive driving basslines, complex synth work and all round incredible production! And that’s exactly what you get in Progressive Movement.

Jam packed with Synth Stabs, Melodies, Bass Loops, Snare & Clap Loops, Drum Fills, Percussive Loops & FX, Progressive Movement is THE go to library for psytrance, progressive trance and EDM producers alike. SFX include huge bombs, sweeps, machine grates and much more.

All loops are produced by Sphera and are 100% copyright free for immediate use.

Technical Specifications:

6 Bass Loops
32 Claps & Snares
3 Drum Fills
24 Percussion Loops
32 FX
41 Synths

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