Presonus Studio One v5 Soundsets 2022

Everything you need to record, produce, mix, master, and perform.

*extract to any location
*Use Presonus Studio One (not included) to point to that folder.
*Options -> Locations tab -> Sound Sets tab -> Installation list -> Studio One -> […]
*Tested and working on version 6.

note: packages are NOT extracted by program, only read,
ensuring no extra hard drive space needed or wasted by dupes
note: can NOT point to an active seeding folder of .soundsets
Ignore this advice if seeding rars.

extracts as 31 packages, 34.7 GB total

[1,554,088,512] Acoustic Drum Kits and Loops.soundset
[1,649,149,040] Big Fish Audio Loops and Kits.soundset
[3,167,944,618] Electronic Audioloops.soundset
[0,294,366,338] Electronic Kits and Musicloops.soundset
[1,730,553,744] Impact XT Kits and Sounds.soundset
[1,483,172,698] MVP Loops and Kits.soundset
[0,932,673,846] Nine Volt Audio Guitars.soundset
[2,041,813,828] Presence XT Core Acoustic Guitars.soundset
[1,611,604,623] Presence XT Core Basses.soundset
[0,951,089,141] Presence XT Core Brass.soundset
[1,131,296,006] Presence XT Core Electric Guitars.soundset
[2,640,765,567] Presence XT Core Keyboards.soundset
[0,845,862,187] Presence XT Core Mallets.soundset
[0,685,960,304] Presence XT Core Percussion and Vocals.soundset
[1,599,116,056] Presence XT Core Strings.soundset
[1,833,734,245] Presence XT Core Winds.soundset
[0,955,528,455] Prime Selection Loops and Sounds.soundset
[0,791,995,962] Sample Magic Loops and Kits.soundset
[1,985,091,499] Studio One Electric Pianos and Organs.soundset
[0,039,348,662] Studio One Expansion.soundset
[0,545,772,332] Studio One FX.soundset
[1,193,837,544] Studio One Impulse Responses.soundset
[0,155,417,260] Studio One Instruments Vol 1.soundset
[1,527,011,447] Studio One Instruments Vol 2.soundset
[0,173,442,427] Studio One Musicloops.soundset
[0,386,961,185] Studio One Piano.soundset
[1,954,094,890] Synth Session.soundset
[0,068,409,861] Ueberschall Impact Drums.soundset
[0,880,269,368] Vengeance-Sound.soundset
[1,639,866,083] Vintage Keys.soundset
[0,906,597,446] Voodoo One Synth.soundset

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