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Every Samples From Mars Pack in Existence

All The Samples From Mars is a 62 GB collection of 75 sample packs, created over the past 10 years by extensively sampling our favorite (often rare and vintage) drum machines, synthesizers, samplers, custom vinyl, acoustic instruments and more. All of our samples have been painstakingly mapped to your favorite DAWs and samplers and recorded through some of the best recording equipment in the world. We craft everything by hand in our studio:

About the Collection
The Everything Bundle is constantly growing bigger and better, as we add our latest creations to it, pushing our sonic boundaries further with each release as we gain more experience, come up with new ideas, and ask you what we should sample. By its very nature, the bundle is at its biggest and best any time you’re reading this page. It includes every pack we’ve ever made at the time of purchase, but does not include future releases.

Accessing the Past to Inspire the Future
Our goal is to bring the unique charm and sound of these beautiful machines into a modern context, for people who can’t afford the real thing (and even for those who can 😉).

Holding ourselves to the highest sonic standard possible and utilizing years of experience with some of the nicest consoles, tape machines and outboard processing gear around, we’ve hopefully created our own sound along the way.

And by diligently mapping these samples to countless instruments for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic, Maschine, MPCs and so much more, the packs are immediately inspiring and playable.

Classic & Rare Drum Machines and Samplers
Drum machines and drum samplers are our speciality, and our samples feature both clean and processed, extensively multi-sampled one shots. When possible, we sample every pitch, decay, and parameter (in Ableton there are Macros that select different drum machine pitches, which makes a huge difference in sounding like the original drum machine).

With so many low quality drum machine samples floating around, we always begin our journey by capturing the cleanest possible samples at 24 BIT, making sure our machines are serviced, and recording through high end DIs, our API 1608 console and Apogee Symphony MKII converter.

Then, we spice things up a bit for the crowd that likes a little more flavor – engaging tape machines, saturators, re-sampling, compression, EQ, and even printing the sounds to vinyl and sampling that.

The following are some of the hundreds of demos we’ve composed for you to hear the one shot drum samples in action:

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