Udemy Campfire Guitar Lessons: Strumming, Chords, Capos, Songs TUTORiAL

This is THEE most “get to the point”, streamlined and efficient course available for guitarists who are looking to play lots of songs in as short a time as possible. This course is not heavy-handed with music theory, lead guitar or technical jargon that might confuse you or hold you back from quickly adding many songs to your repertoire.

This course does however teach you all the guitar chords that you will be using often with tricks for playing in all keys. You will develop a solid foundation as well as be given many of the popular strumming patterns used in music over the last several decades. I’ll introduce you to fingerstyle/fingerpicking guitar as well, which will allow another layer to be added to your playing.

This is the course that I wish I had had growing up as it would have allowed me to play all the classic songs that I grew up loving without getting stuck in the minutia of information that I most likely would never have used.

I look forward to guiding you step-by-step on this journey. I am quick to answer questions and very passionate about helping my students.

I look forward to seeing you inside the course

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